Tea Descriptions

This section contains a detailed description of all of the teas that we carry, organized by tea variety, so that you can review the teas we have and quickly find what you are looking for. Once you’ve found a tea you are interested in, click on its name to be taken to the page for that specific tea.

Black Teas

Chris’ Tea Cottage Blend (Cherry Flavored)
Flavored with wild cherry essence. Enjoy as a fragrant afternoon hot beverage, or excellent as an iced tea. This tea took first in the US for flavored black teas and is our best selling tea.

Cinnamon Tea (aka Christmas in a Cup)
A delicious black tea with the comforting flavor of cinnamon, oranges & wassail. One cup and you will be singing “Jingle Bells!”

Mulled Spices
This is a flavored black tea that has a warming spicy infusion and wonderful aroma of hot apple cider, perfect for those cold winter days. Its about as close a tea to actual Wassail as you can get! It will truly warm you and is very fashionable and festive. Its lingering aromas have a festive feeling and are sure to bring a smile. The black tea is from three select regions of have classic “Ceylon’ tea characteristics. A GREAT Holiday season tea. Interestingly, this flavored black tea is often combined with hot apple cider, giving a particularly exotic character to the resulting beverage, not unlike Wassail!

Irish Blend
A hearty and malty blend of two Assam black teas. A good breakfast or mealtime tea, it holds up well to the addition of milk or cream. Close to English Breakfast Tea with its solid flavor.

Earl Grey Creme
Intense Earl Grey flavor, calmed with subtle hints of cream. One of our favorite teas, Earl Grey Creme delivers the traditional Earl Grey taste of Bergamot oranges, along with delicate, creamy undertones. If you like Earl Grey, trying expanding out into this one.

Wisdom Pu-Erh Chai Tea
A true chai tea, almonds, star anise, licorice, ginger root with mango and berry flavors. Delicious. Totally organic.

Flathead Vanilla
A finer CTC-cut tea for faster, deeper steeping. This is a good solid black tea with intense vanilla flavoring. The abbreviation “CTC” stands for “Crush, tear, curl” and is a method of processing black tea in which the leaves are passed through a series of cylindrical rollers with hundreds of sharp teeth that crush, tear, and curl the tea into small, hard pellets. Thus making for a finer granularity of tea for faster, and deeper steeping. Note that this finer granularity will require a finer tea strainer or tea bag. We recommend our #2 Tea Sacks for this.

Queen Mary Blend
A bracing, well rounded cup of tea with good flavor tempered with flowery character and malty, floral notes. A great morning cup of tea.

Assam Tippy – First Flush
A full-bodied tea with a rich smooth flavor. Tea is typically picked three times a year, with first picking in Spring (The ‘First Flush’).

Darjeeling Autumnal – Poobong Estate
A single-estate tea from Poobong Estate in the Himalayas of India, picked late in Autumn (the third annual picking) to give it its richer,
more full bodied flavor. An excellent morning, afternoon and evening tea. Darjeeling is India’s best known tea growing state, and this is one of its finest teas.

Tropical Blend (Flavored )
Black tea blended with tropical fruits, herbs and flowers. Excellent served hot , but truly stellar as an iced tea.

Midnight Peony (Flowering)
Black tea leaves from the Yunnan province of China are tied into a single rosette, which flowers into a peony-like shape. The rich russet hue releases a floral aroma with notes of wine and molasses. Definitely a good solid tea.

Qian Ri Hong (Flowering Black Tea)
One of the few black teas to feature the spectacular red global amaranth flower to provide an impressive visual experience in an excellent black tea.

Green Teas

Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose
A stunning tea, flavored with sweet cherry and subtle morning rose. A Japanese pan-fired sencha style straight from Hunan. The cherry flavoring and hints of rose round out this incredibly exotic flavor profile.

Lemon – Ginger Snap
The citrusy lemon touch needed to balance the ginger snap flavor of this fine green tea, creating an extraordinary tea for those who enjoy ginger and cookies!

A grassy green tea for the true green tea lover. A rich green flavor with a smooth after taste, good any time of day. Certified organic.

Serene Green (Flavored)
Serene Green is a slightly flavored green tea with Chamomile, Lemon Grass and a touch of Peppermint teas to impart flavor for those who aren’t traditional green tea lovers. These smooth out the typical grassy green tea taste to create a nice soothing tea. A serene drink to aid internal balancing to calm and soothe the soul!

Jasmine flowers are harvested during the day and stored in a cool place until night, when they bloom with full fragrance and are then layered over the tea leaves during the scenting process.

Double Happiness (Flowering)
This blooming tea is made with a marigold flower, with an aroma rich and refreshing, with a strong taste and long-lasting fragrance.

Jasmine Pearls (Flowering)
The MOST tender green tea leaves are hand rolled into small pearls and scented with fresh jasmine blossoms then mated 5 times with the tea. A high quality tea with sweet aromatic flavor & bright floral notes.

Rose Ball (Flowering)
The early tea leaves are plucked from tender short branches and hand rolled into the shape of pearls. These are then aged 4 or 5 times with rose petals to achieve its fragrant aroma.

This is truly a classic green tea. It was the tea of choice in Colonial America, and one of the teas thrown overboard at the Boston Tea Party! The tiny hand-rolled leaves appear as small grey-green pellets, which brew into pale, light green liquor with delicate flavor and a slight gunpowder aroma. This tea has been around fro centuries out of China and has lots of great flavor.

Young Hyson
This is one of the teas enjoyed by early American colonists. Hyson was tossed overboard in Boston Harbor at the Boston Tea Party, making it a conversational tea! And it was also drunk by Thomas Jefferson at his Monticello estate. This light, fresh green tea produces a green-yellow liquor with medium body. Healthy, of course.

Reiki Blend
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Contains sencha green tea, ginger root, saffron, orange peel, fennel, clove, cardamom cinnamon, safflower, tulsi (holy basil) and licorice root. Promotes good health!

Yoga Blend
80% blood-cleansing herbs and 20% sencha green tea, low in caffeine, perfect for a soothing yoga experience. Contains tulsi (holy basil), chrysanthemum blossoms, saffron, marigold petals, green cardamom, hibiscus, peppermint, sarsaparilla, raspberry leaves, lemon and peach.

Christmas Tree (Flowering Green Tea)
Marigold Flowers, pure Jasmine buds and globe Amarath flower and special needle green tea.

Double Happiness (Flowering Green Tea)
Two adjacent flowers: jasmine, marigold, Globe Amarath in a delicate green tea. Sweet, flowery aroma, light amber liquor.

Oolong Teas

Orange Blossom Oolong
An exotic Oolong. Full tasting, toasty roundness with fruity orange-Jasmine notes. A GREAT iced tea!

Aged Ti Kwan Yin Oolong
A tea master has reserved this tea for fifteen years. Every two years the tea is slow roasted adding to the total roasting time which, at the end of the process, totals 80 hours. The heat and aging process are carefully controlled to achieve the complex fruity taste and smoky palate.

White Teas

Darjeeling – Rare White (White Tea)
A very rare single-estate white tea from the Himalayas of India, this tea is perfectly composed of the first two leaves and bud of the tea bush. This delicate tea is best enjoyed by itself. Light in caffeine. For the true tea connoisseur!

Apricot-Peach (Flavored White Tea)
Our Peach Apricot White Tea has that delicate white tea flavor with the lovely addition of light peaches and apricots for natural sweetness.

Flower Craft (Flowering White Tea)
Our Peach Apricot White Tea has that delicate white tea flavor with the lovely addition of light peaches and apricots for natural sweetness.

Flower Jewel (Flowering White Tea)
Flower Jewels’ tender hand-picked white tea is crowned by a delicate and bright pink Amarath flower. The dancing petals blissfully open as sweet jasmine scents this captivating elixir, tantalizing the palate with its vibrant freshness and clarity.

Red Lovers (Flowering White Tea) Seven Jasmine flowers, two Globe Amarath & highest grade of special needle green tea of fresh spring crops.

Rooibos Red Teas

Rooibos Provence (Herbal ‘Red Bush’ Tea)
100% caffeine free. Herbal tea from South Africa. Fruity with sweet notes and lavender floral character. Terrific served hot and sensational served iced ! Note that this finer granularity will require a finer tea strainer or tea bag. We recommend our #2 Tea Sacks for this.

Rooibos Caramel (Herbal Tea)
100% caffeine free. Remember those Kraft caramel nougats? Well they’re back as a tea, hot or iced !! Try it before you add any sugar. Note that this finer granularity will require a finer tea strainer or tea bag. We recommend our #2 Tea Sacks for this.

Rooibos Vanilla (Herbal Tea)
100% caffeine free. Add the smooth taste of vanilla to this red-bush-tea. Note that this finer granularity will require a finer tea strainer or tea bag. We recommend our #2 Tea Sacks for this.

Rooibos Colada (Herbal Tea)
100% caffeine free. That awesome Pina Colada taste of coconut in the red tea. Light and refreshing, needs an umbrella and a beach to TRULY enjoy! Again a GREAT cold Iced Tea. Note that this finer granularity will require a finer tea strainer or tea bag. We recommend our #2 Tea Sacks for this.

Rooibos Chocolate Kiss (Herbal Tea)
100% caffeine free. A definite chocolate rush perfect as a “Dessert Tea” to accompany your favorite dessert. Note that this finer granularity will require a finer tea strainer or tea bag. We recommend our #2 Tea Sacks for this.

Rooibos Root Beer (Herbal Tea)
100% caffeine free. The Root Beer flavor makes an absolutely incredible iced tea latte and an absolutely PERFECT iced tea! We all grew up with A&W Root Beer as a favorite summertime drink. This root beer tea makes an iced tea that takes you back to those days and refreshment!!! Note that this finer granularity will require a finer tea strainer or tea bag. We recommend our #2 Tea Sacks for this as the rooibos “needles” are extremely fine and easily make their way through standard tea strainers.

Decaf & Herbal Teas

Earl Grey Decaf (Decaf Black Tea)
This Decaf tea has all of the intense Earl Grey flavor that you’ve come to love about probably the most famous of all Black Teas! Earl Grey Decaf delivers the traditional Earl Grey taste of Bergamot oranges and aroma you have come to love. Hard to believe that this most famous of Black Teas is available without caffeine !

English Breakfast Decaf (Decaf Black Tea)
Totally organic. Your absolutely favorite breakfast blend of black teas now comes with no caffeine. Hard to believe there’s no caffeine

Lady Hannah’s Full Fruit Herbal (Herbal, no tea leaves)
100% caffeine free. A boldly refined taste that is bright with lemon, strawberries and blackberries and literally every other fruit you can imagine! As tasty hot as it is a refreshing iced tea.

Orange Ginger Lemongrass (Herbal, no tea leaves)
100% caffeine free. This is a perfect evening tea, ideal for ending an evening meal or a quick soothing drink at bedtime. Contains for leave teas and 100% caffeine free. It’s perfect for expecting moms, chemotherapy patients, or anyone with an upset tummy. Ginger has long been the go-to root for a wide range of gastrointestinal distresses. Researchers believe its compounds stimulate digestive secretions, improve intestinal muscle tone, and help move food through the gastrointestinal tract. As it has no tea leaves, it can not be over-steeped, so you can make it as strong as you desire.

Peppermint Infusion (Herbal, no tea leaves)
100% caffeine free. Grown in the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest, this herbal infusion has a brisk, smooth flavor. Contains only pure dried peppermint and no tea leaves.

Blueberry Infusion (Herbal, no tea leaves)
100% caffeine free. Refreshing flavor of wild-mountain blueberries & fruit. Excellent iced. The perfect drink for a child’s tea.

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Showing all 2 results